alfalfa sprout

sprouted alfalfa seeds
Hypernyms: ↑sprout

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  • alfalfa sprout — noun (C) a young alfalfa plant, eaten raw in salads …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • sprout — [sprout] vi. [ME sprouten < OE sprutan, akin to Ger spriessen < IE * spreud < base * (s)p(h)er : see SPREAD] 1. to begin to grow or germinate; give off shoots or buds 2. to grow or develop rapidly vt. to cause to sprout or grow n. [ME… …   English World dictionary

  • sprout — sprout1 [spraut] v [: Old English; Origin: sprutan] 1.) [I and T] if vegetables, seeds, or plants sprout, they start to grow, producing ↑shoots, ↑buds, or leaves ▪ Move the pots outside when the seeds begin to sprout. ▪ Trees were starting to… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • sprout — 1 verb 1 (I) if leaves or buds sprout they appear and begin to grow 2 (I, T) if vegetables, seeds, or plants sprout they start to produce shoots, or buds: Keep the tray away from direct sunlight until the seeds begin to sprout. | sprout sth: The… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • sprout — /sprowt/, v.i. 1. to begin to grow; shoot forth, as a plant from a seed. 2. (of a seed or plant) to put forth buds or shoots. 3. to develop or grow quickly: a boy awkwardly sprouting into manhood. v.t. 4. to cause to sprout. 5. to remove sprouts… …   Universalium

  • sprout — I. verb Etymology: Middle English spruten, from Old English sprūtan; akin to Old High German spriozan to sprout, Lithuanian sprausti to squeeze, thrust Date: 13th century intransitive verb 1. to grow, spring up, or come forth as or as if a sprout …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • sprout — [[t]spraʊt[/t]] v. i. 1) bot to begin to grow; shoot forth 2) bot (of a seed or plant) to put forth buds or shoots 3) bot a shoot of a plant 4) bot a new growth from a seed, rootstock, or the like 5) something suggesting a sprout, as a young… …   From formal English to slang

  • Cecidomyiidae — Taxobox name = Gall midges regnum = Animalia phylum = Arthropoda subphylum = Hexapoda classis = Insecta subclassis = Pterygota infraclassis = Neoptera superordo = Endopterygota| ordo = Diptera subordo = Nematocera infraordo = Bibionomorpha… …   Wikipedia

  • Edible sprouts — List of edible sprouts * Amaranth cite web last = first = authorlink = coauthors = title = Amaranth publisher = location = date = url = sprout information/amaranth.html accessdate = 19 November accessyear =… …   Wikipedia

  • Sprouting — For blood vessel sprouting, see Angiogenesis#Sprouting angiogenesis. Mixed bean sprouts …   Wikipedia

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